A woman wearing orange, yellow, and pink eyeshadow in a close up image of her face with the phrase “move with pride” over the top.

Alo’s 2022 Pride Campaign — Move With Pride

Mindful movement and authenticity go hand-in-hand

It’s officially our favorite time of the year: Pride 2022 is here!

With a limited-edition capsule — of which all net proceeds benefit the Human Rights Campaign — and month-long community events happening IRL and URL, we couldn’t help but get the party started a few days early.

Pride is a moment that Alo holds very close to our hearts. Not only is it a true celebration of the vibrant community that make up the Alo Fam, but our passion for mindful movement goes hand-in-hand with the authenticity that Pride Month celebrates year after year.

Since the first time we stepped onto our mats, movement has been a place of refuge — a sacred space to close our eyes, breathe deep into the moment, and express gratitude for the mind, body, and soul that showed up (in whatever form) that day.

With each Savasana and Downward Dog, we dive deeper into an intimate connection with ourselves. We discover confidence, we uncover joy, and we fall in love with the self that placed two feet on the mat.

Regardless of gender, sexuality, or identity, movement encourages the practitioner to bend, stretch, and breathe with pride and with love. This Pride 2022, Alo celebrates the pure self-expression that movement allows and invites you to practice with us all month long and beyond.

The queer community has been expressing pride through movement for forever. Pride started off with finding that queer safe space. All of that revolved around dance and movement. - Clint Morris

A woman wearing an all-white outfit from Alo’s 2022 Pride Collection while posing on a mirrored block in front of a pink cloud backdrop.


Envision those few pieces of clothing your friends deem as “so you.” The style and the color combine into the perfect apparel-based form of self-expression and slipping into the newly washed staples is like a double shot of confidence. In short, it’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve.

That is Alo’s Pride 2022 Capsule — limited-edition essentials designed for lounging in, living in, and loving in. From the best-selling Accolade Hoodie & Sweat Short to award-winning undies to the Throwback Socks you can’t pass a single block in NYC without seeing, Alo redesigned a few of our bests with Pride at the forefront.

This year, we’re honored to partner with the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ civil rights organization. This long-standing organization envisions a world where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people, plus community members who use different language to describe their identity, are ensured equality and embraced as full members of society at home, at work and in every community. And with that, we couldn’t think of anywhere better to send all net proceeds from this capsule.

While Alo stands firm on mindful movement serving as a means to a self-loving end, we also think that expressing who you are on the inside on the outside is just as important.

A woman wearing a Black Real Bra Tank and a Black Thong from Alo’s 2022 Pride Collection while posing in front of a pink cloud backdrop.


Each month we have the pleasure of working with inspired souls from around the globe to curate unique (& free!) community events. Whether we gather in the metaverse, online, or in-person, community continues to deepen and unity continues to outweigh division.

For Pride 2022, our global community has teamed up to bring you a packed calendar of Pride-inspired events that ask you to shed all expectations and simply move with pride.


June 1st | New Moon Ritual & Energy Healing Workshop with Charmee Taylor
June 8th | Kundalini Awakening By Movement, Breathwork, Meditation & Sound Healing with KJORD
June 15th | Yoga Master Class with Téo Chapelier
June 22nd | Flow With Pride Master Class with Bentley Fazi
June 29th | Feel Good Yoga Flow with Kayla Nielsen

For all in-person events happening around the globe, follow @Alo on IG to stay up to date!

Two men wearing pieces from Alo’s 2022 Pride Collection while one holds the other kissing.

Queer communities have shaped the world of movement in a ton of different ways – look back at ball culture in New York City and vogueing – this expression of self, outside the norms of society. - Austin Ricks

Move with love, dress with pride, and join Alo as we celebrate joy, self-expression, and community all month long! Tag #AloMoveWithPride to share your story with the community and for a chance to be featured on the @Alo IG!