@lamise wearing a taupe-colored tank and a pair of ribbed sweatpants while posing holding her pregnant belly on a carpet in front of floor-to-ceiling windows in her home.

Regular Styles Approved By Mamas-To-Be

Dressing for two — the only excuse needed to upgrade your closet  

While we’re not a maternity activewear brand, a few of our styles have received approval from expecting mamas as they breathe, flow, and celebrate throughout their pregnancy journeys — and because we’re not ones to gatekeep good news, we’re sharing all of the mother-loved styles here.

The journey through pregnancy introduces new opportunities for joy as well as new opportunities for apparel — because if there’s a time to supplement your closet with styles that empower and support, it’s now.

As the glowing mama-to-be, all eyes are on you. From baby showers to Pilates class to trips for the nursery’s final additions, people are in awe of your superhero status. You’re hard at work building new life, and we think you deserve some new pieces that make you feel like the superhero you are.

@stephistegman wearing a magenta collared tennis dress with a pair of matching high heels while posing with her hands on her pregnant belly in front of a patch of palm trees.


Anyone who’s been through the 9-month journey knows that jeans are on the absolutely-not list. What is about to be at the top of your pregnancy-go-to list for days and nights spent celebrating the upcoming arrival of your mini-you? A collared tennis dress. With full range of motion, cottony-smooth Airbrush, and no lining (so you can line how you please), this charming dress is as sweet as baby’s first smile.

@justtnic wearing a tan-colored cami bra with icon band and a matching high-cut thong while laying in a hotel bed covered with food from room service.


Whether you celebrate with friends, family, or yourself, a babymoon is absolutely in order. While enjoying bounties of your favorite pregnancy cravings atop sheets of the highest thread count imaginable, you’ll need something comfy but still cute — for all the photo ops that your beautiful bump provides. Count on an icon cami bra and cheeky set (or icon cami bra and high-cut thong set if that’s your schtick) with the softest, most breathable fabric that checks the only-the-best-for-mama box.

@lamise wearing a pair of orange high-waisted leggings and a white short sleeve T-shirt while in a back-bend holding her pregnant belly with one hand and her foot with the other hand.


There’s a myriad of pre-birth classes, breathing exercises, and how-to-push tutorials out there, for which you’ll need only the comfiest activewear set. Our best-selling Airbrush legging provides the smoothing support that you and baby will appreciate along with a move-with-you feel that your movement practice will love. Top with a looser-fitting ribbed tank or form-hugging full-length performance top and breathe, bend, and bounce until baby is here.

@hollybentley_yoga wearing a rust-colored workout set with high-waisted leggings and a sports bra with front cinching detail stretching on a rooftop at sunrise while pregnant.


There’s no better accessory than a baby bump (just ask Rihanna!). For the maternity shoot (or anytime your friends come over and need the bump-date pic for their IG stories), add a little pizzazz to your usual workout set. Featuring front and side cinches along with medium support, this elevated sports bra gives the statement you want. Add to the fun with a matching pair of flared leggings with adjustable ties for accentuating the bump to your liking.

A woman wearing a violet-colored workout set with high-waisted leggings and a sports bra tank while in a forearm headstand while pregnant.


The trend of all trends is letting your baby bump shine. Whether it’s during your 1st trimester flows or mornings walks to the coffee shop, wear a pair of buttery soft leggings along with a velvety smooth sports bra and let your belly be the highlight. While this soft activewear set is a staple we wear 24/7, it just hits different while you’re pregnant.

Oh baby! If you’ve been following along with this post thus far, we’d bet congratulations are in order! That, or you’re shopping for a friend, significant other, or family member, and to you, we say job well done.

Be sure to tag @Alo in all of your pregnancy glow ups and we’re sending all the love to you and your soon-to-be little one.