@candiceswanepoel wearing a black cut-out statement sports bra with a matching pair of cut-out statement leggings with a pair of reflective sunglasses standing in front of a vine-covered stone wall.

Cut It Out — Statement Activewear Sets With Cutouts & Curb Appeal

Life’s short, get the statement set.

If you’re scrolling TikTok along with the rest of the world, odds are you’ve come across an influencer or two selling you on a wardrobe made of basics. And while we agree with acquiring a hard-hitting selection of go-to classics, we are also proponents for peppering in some statement styles that stand out in the crowd.

In other words, be the cherry in a lineup of oranges.

Life’s too short to not flash the bright colors and boast a peek-a-boo cutout or two. The essential black legging and pleated tennis skirt will always be in style, but won’t it be fun in twenty years to show your grandkids photos of grandma in a trendy little outfit of bold hues and fearless designs?

We can already hear them saying, “Grandma! You were an on-trend babe!” And we think so too. So before we get to the years of grandkids, nieces, or whatever your familial inclination is, let’s not waste the pretty. Grab a statement workout set and hit the town like you own the place!

@giizeleoliveira wearing a purple and green statement sports bra with a pair of black statement workout leggings while posing with her arms behind her back in front of a white wall.


Airlift Cutaway Bra + Airlift High Waist Cutaway Legging

This is the pinnacle of statement activewear sets — the cutouts, the layering, the vibe. Everything about the Airlift Cutaway Set from the signature fabric to the intentional design is made to elevate your movement practice and your life. If there is one workout set to be had, this is it.

Why We Love It

Sporty & retro – multi-layers, French stitching, and peek-a-boo contour cutouts create a style reminiscent of the 80s jazzercize era but entirely updated

Practice-perfect bra top – providing medium-impact support along with a movement-essential racerback, this bra looks like a 10 and works out like one too

Smoothing & lifting Airlift – sculpting with a lightweight sheen, our signature Airlift fabric is a fan-fave for its look, feel, and micro-performance tech

Where We Wear It

High-Intensity Workouts spin, boxing, & anything that results in lots of sweat, count on this set to keep you going

Lower-Impact Movement the ultra-smooth, second-skin feel is ideal for yoga, Pilates, and morning stretching

Out-And-About — Can’t you envision the TikToks of fabulous human beings power walking through iconic fashion meccas of the world with this set on? Because same.

@alessandraambrosio wearing an ivory statement sports bra with a matching pair of ivory statement workout leggings while posing in front of a pier on the beach.


Airlift Mesh Allure Bra + Airlift Mesh High-Waist Allure Legging

Consider your sexy activewear set — to be pulled out during that cycle of the moon when you feel energetic, beautiful, and optimistic — found. Named appropriately, there’s something so alluring about the enchanting mesh details and mesmerizing design that we can’t seem to look away. And let us be the ones to tell you: you don’t have to.

Why We Love It

Sculpting Airlift – our secret is out: if you’re looking for a confidence-boosting, form-flattering fabric that handles high-sweat scenarios of the workout and first-date sort, count on Airlift

Dual-function mesh panels – providing both airy breathability and accentuation of feminine curves, the mesh details throughout are as alluring as they are workout-ready

Elevated details – from the bra that features an Alo logo square ring to the removeable cups to the thin-strap Y-back, every detail of this set screams chic luxury (Didn’t think an activewear set could do that? Well, that’s the whole allure.)

Where We Wear It

HGW the hot girl walk phenomenon was made for this activewear set

Yoga of all modalities whether you’re an inversion king/queen or a power flow enthusiast, the Allure Set provides all the airiness and compression your practice will appreciate

A night out this style is begging you to dress it up and take it out for a hot date (and your comfort and confidence level will thank you)

Alo will be the first one to tell you: have some fun with your style. Experiment with new designs and colors, step out in pieces that make you feel good, and make a statement if you have one to make! Tag @Alo in all of your street and studio statements & check out our new arrivals page for the latest activewear sets not-to-be-missed.