All About Auras: Reading Human Energy with HALO Auragraphic

All About Auras: Reading Human Energy with HALO Auragraphic

We're breaking it down, color by color, and sharing some of our fave Alo family auras

Did you know that there are people who capture auras in a photograph? We brought aura photographers Sharon and Michael Walker, the duo behind L.A.-based HALO Auragraphic, to our Alo family retreat in the desert and had such a blast learning about our different energies and what they mean, we're sharing some of our alo fam aura pix and dropping some neat aura knowledge below. (Pro tip: find out how to read your aura at home with our step-by-step instructions on our IG Stories @aloyoga!)

Alo Family Auras




Aura Colors Cheat Sheet

Energetic, optimistic, confident, childlike, fun-loving, sensitive, happy, free-spirited, creative, generous, in touch with nature & animals

Creative, independent, adventurous, resourceful, strategic, loves to test physical limits, mentally focused, overcomes challenges

Loving, nurturing, compassionate, sensitive, forgiving, loyal, spiritual, great at teaching, caretaker of people & the planet

Strong, passionate, hard working, grounded, literal, courageous, sensual, honest, self-confident, experiences the world through touch

Healing, great at teaching, organized, entrepreneurial, highly intelligent, driven, successful, perfectionist, empowers others, able to accomplish goals

Non-conformist, creative, intelligent, free-spirited, eccentric, original, likes to be the center of attention, strong-willed, unique, innovative

Detail-oriented, practical, cautious, private, calm, clean, logical, intuitive, committed, values love, gentle, analytical, controlled

Artistic/creative, visionary, loves to take chances, enjoys travel, leader, charismatic, humanitarian, inspirational to others, big ideas

Enchanting, daydreamer, fragile, sensitive, imaginative, creative, intelligent, gentle, intuitive, loves to change directions

Wise, intuitive, belief in higher ideals & principles, peaceful, creative non-judgmental, spiritually gifted, sensitive, enlightened consciousness

Gifted healer, highly spiritual, quiet, sensitive, one with nature, adaptable, highly intuitive, loves simplicity, meditative, calming

How to Read an Aura Photo

Indicates your current consciousness. Expansive auras are all about expressiveness, spiritual growth and a desire for connection. Narrower auras signal sensitivity, a need to express oneself and a desire for peace and solitude.

Left side of the photo
These colors represent the energy you're putting out into the world, how others see you and the past.

Right side of the photo
These colors represent the energy moving toward you, how you view your energy and the future.