@bentley.likethecar practicing intermediate yoga poses while on her ombre-rainbow yoga mat and wearing Alo’s Pride Collection sweat shorts and tank top.

7 LGBTQIA+ Yogis To Follow A.S.A.P.

Finding purpose and power on the mat  

These ultra-inspiring, joy-filled human beings are making the most of their time spent on the mat — and we’re benefitting just watching them do their thing and practicing alongside them. From new takes on a centuries-old practice that bring non-yoga-believers to the magic, to humanitarians that live out their practice and inspire others to journey alongside, these LGBTIA+ members of the Alo Fam are finding purpose and power in yoga — and leaving a LOT for us to learn from.

If you want to soak in all of their sunshine-y rays like we’re lucky enough to do every day, head straight to your social media and give them a follow — we promise your mind, soul, and body won’t regret it.

At Alo, we’re lucky to have a family that includes many LGBTQIA+ members, and in parallel with our Pride Campaign, we thought we’d dive a little deeper into who they are, why we love them, and what we learn from them on the daily. Their authenticity and commitment to self is a lesson that doesn’t conclude after June ends — so while Pride Month is the perfect time to amplify this community of people, we hope you follow them and learn from them for years to come.

Without further ado, here are the beautiful faces of our stunning campaign (with a few other inspired souls that we also love to love, and strongly suggest you follow)…

@meldouglasyoga wearing an all black workout set with high-neck cropped sports bra tank and high-waisted leggings while practicing yoga in her plant-filled studio.


This Brooklyn- gal- turned- LA- yogi is a Black Lesbian activist and wellness advocate that lives out the art of “becoming”. She proudly and confidently shows up as herself day after day and her content inspires us to do the same. She's the founder of Black Women’s Yoga Collective, where she works to make wellness more accessible for Black and Brown folks, and on Sundays, you can find her teaching R&B yoga flows (count us in).

@kaylalanielsen wearing a matching workout set with a classic razorback airlift sports bra and high-waisted leggings while stretching in her backyard.


As a yoga teacher and humanitarian, Kayla leads her life with a passionate dedication to spreading light and love wherever service and yoga take her. Her non-profit GLOW, Go Light Our World, fights global poverty through sustainable solar solutions while her charity Kindred Connection serves mistreated and endangered animals. Aside from stunning yoga flows we could watch for hours, her selfless compassion, unapologetic boldness, and service-first mentality inspire us daily.

@invertedyogi in Goddess Squat while in the Alo Yoga studio teaching a class.


Austin has brought his uplifting energy to many Alo community events — and once you check his athletic-inspired style that builds strength and endurance simultaneously, you’ll understand why. On his IG, you can find beginner vinyasa classes, body weight workouts, and guided stretches (alongside photos of his adorable pups that we have dog-envy over). Be sure to follow, and check out the community page for a chance to flow with him live.

@bentely.likethecar testing out a new yoga pose called Lizard on a Prayer while wearing Alo’s iconic Green Apple biker shorts and matching sports bra tank top while on her Alo Warrior Mat by the pool.


Aside from her ultra-bendy content that’s making us feel loosey- goosey (yet slightly tangled?) just scrolling along, Bentley leads Alo's epic community challenges while also serving up relatable and totally inspiring words to boot. She’s talking all things shoulders (and why we all roll our eyes when thinking about getting into Dolphin pose), finding perfection in imperfection on the mat and beyond, and how to keep the energy light, loving, and uplifting always.

@jillianmodesyoga in Crow Pose while in a hot yoga class.


As a self-identified “Trans-Elder,” Jillian Modes is serving up a big dose of inspiration for anyone who feels like their boat to self-love and purpose has sailed. At 50 years old, she became a yoga teacher and wellness leader on the mission of giving the gift of yoga to underserved communities such as the LGBTQIA+ and recovery communities. Her ultra-real content and positively radiant energy is reminding us how precious our time is, how we can make peace with the experiences that’ve shaped us, and how yoga and meditation are the gateway to wellness.

@nicholaspratley leading a guided breathwork and meditation class with the help of a sound bath ritual while on the beach.


Nicholas headlines Alo community events as the go-to breathwork expert with all of the tools and tricks for promoting self-healing and self-love. His belief that energy feeds everything inspires his simple yet life-changing classes that invoke a sense of positivity and understanding of self. His reminder that “breath is magic” empowers us on the deepest level and pulls our minds into a positive headspace even on the busiest of days.

@indigolabyogi in Warrior II post while in his backyard with a cool graphic overlaid on top of the photo that says “let go”.


The alchemist and Co-Founder behind Indigo Lab, Peter is a kundalini and holistic wellness professional with some stylish content we’re gah-gah over. Noted as “L.A.’s top wellness pros” and “the best kundalini class in L.A.”, it’s obvious Peter and the Indigo Lab team are delivering lots to learn form. His expertise in breathwork, energies, healing, and clean beauty deliver uplifting content to transform aspects of your life that beckon wellness and happiness into every fold.

Join us throughout June and beyond on our Community page as we spotlight influential human beings who’ve found their knack and are letting it shine via solar yoga flows, self-love meditations, journaling classes, and intuition-aligning breathwork — in line with Alo’s dedication to inclusivity, these events are always free, so grab your planner and pencil in your faves!

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Happy Pride Month from our Fam to yours!