New Year's Intentions: Yogi Edition

New Year's Intentions: Yogi Edition

See what some of your faves are manifesting for 2019

With 2019 right around the corner, we've been busy thinking about how we can make it the best year yet. For a little inspiration, we asked a few yogis about their intentions for the new year. Check them out, then create your own with our guide to setting an intention and making it happen.

"In the new year I want to be more intentional in the life I create. When I think of the decisions I make, I want my first thought to be, what am I giving birth to?"
-Deandre, @deandreyoga

“For 2019 my intention is to love and be loved as I inspire people to heal mentally, spiritually and physically by spreading love consciousness.”
- Koya Webb, @koyawebb

"My intention for next year is to work hard to make all my dreams happen. I am a very practical person and I always tend to analyze every situation too much. This sometimes holds me back because I am afraid of failure, but what I learned practicing is that even if you fail, it's ok, so I want to be brave and just go for it; put all my heart into it and see where it will bring me."
- Martina Sergi, @martina_sergi

"This year I will do something that scares me daily. I will sweat at least once a day. I will step out of my comfort zone and try new things, even if I’m gonna suck at them! I will commit to meditating every morning before getting out of bed. I will practice being more present and I will try to appreciate the things that truly matter. I will love unconditionally. Oh, and I will do more cardio!"
- Carson Calhoun, @carsoncalhoun