We Are Alo: 100% Sweatshop Free, Eco-Aware & Certified Ethical

We Are Alo: 100% Sweatshop Free, Eco-Aware & Certified Ethical

Check out our latest video to see what we're all about, from fair manufacturing to low-resource use

As part of an industry that too often pays little mind to the people who make the clothes we wear and the environment around us, we knew from day one we had to do better. That's why Alo stands for Air Land Ocean, and why we care just as much about how our clothes are made as we do about how they fit and feel.

We've always been 100% sweatshop free, and we have a platinum certification from WRAP, the world's largest watchdog organization for ensuring ethical manufacturing. That means fair pay, standard hours and clean, safe working conditions. We also have an Alo employee working at every factory to oversee best ethical practices. We're committed to not only practicing yoga, but also living it, and that means making sure that everyone who touches Alo is treated well.

It also means staying mindful of how our actions impact the environment. We just wouldn't feel right if we weren't taking the necessary steps to minimize our eco footprint every single day, like powering our headquarters and L.A. flagship with solar, keeping our warehouse paper free and our daily waste down to that of a household (thanks to our awesome office recycling program) and using the most earth-friendly, low-water dyes.

We're firm believers in setting intentions, in and outside of yoga, and creating positive change through conscious action. Together we can change the vibration of the world!