Zen Out in Santa Monica: July Events to Add to Your Cal

Zen Out in Santa Monica: July Events to Add to Your Cal

Join us this month for two amazing new sessions in our Mindful Masters series!

In an effort to spread more mindfulness and give people the tools to tap into their inner selves, we started Mindful Masters, an ongoing series of community events at our Santa Monica store that focus on the more meditative, intuitive aspect of yoga, and the response has been amazing! This month's meetups focus on astrology and tarot, so if you're in the area (or even if you're not—it's going to be that good), swing by for some "me" time or bring a friend along!

Vedic Astrology Workshop
July 18th, 7pm

Join yoga and meditation teacher and second-generation Vedic astrologer Tulsi Bagnoli as she dives into your astrology chart! She will help you tap into the language of the stars as unveiled through the basic nature and characteristics of the planets, signs and houses as they play out in our daily lives. Jyotish, the living science of light, offers a snapshot of the stars at the time of your birth, ultimately guiding you back to the self. Come tune into the cosmic rhythm with this astrology immersion and enlivening Prakash meditation.

The Moon Deck Workshop
July 25th, 7pm

Self-love is a daily practice and key for developing your intuition and refining your skills for powerful intention setting. In this workshop with yoga teacher and wellness advisor Aarona Lea Pinchinson, you will learn how to bring ritual wellness into your life—even if you only have 3 minutes a day. You'll begin with a group oracle reading from The Moon Deck, an intuitive oracle tarot deck co-created by Aarona herself, set your intentions with a centering meditation, dive into journaling and partner work, open up the circle with some real talk and design a personal power symbol that you can take home with you. Bring a journal and something to write with.