Clinton Moxam and Uche Nwosu posing on Alo branded snow mobiles at Alo Winter House 2021 wearing Alo faux fur jackets.

Alo Winter House 2021: Inside LA's Winter Wonderland

Wellness, warmth & a winter wonderland  

Snowball fights with Mads Lewis? Ice skating lessons from Elladj Blade? Snowmobiling side by side with Lucy Hale? All within Los Angeles, California?

While it may sound too good to be true, Alo Winter House 2021 proved it wasn’t.

After our first-ever Alo House, filled with star-studded pool parties and sunshine-y group yoga seshes, we knew we needed to host a winter house just as epic. How? We thought you’d never ask...

Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva blowing snow toward the camera at Alo Winter House 2021 wearing the Faux Fur Knock Out Jacket in Chocolate and Aspen Love Puffer in Ivory.

First step: turn the City of Angels into a winter wonderland full of wellness, warmth, and magic — and according to Janel Parish, that’s exactly what we did. From Melrose Ave, guests stepped into a snow-covered forest filled with a life-sized snow globe, a skating rink, and our very own ski lift — while we admit this lift didn’t carry you off to the top of a mountain peak, it did allow TINX and Gabriel Soto to whisk away with some joy-boosting photos you can catch on the @Alo IG.

Jalen Ramsey and Derwin James wearing Faux Fur Knock Out Jackets while posing in front of the skating rink at Alo Winter House 2021.

While frolicking through Alo’s Winter House, guests kept bundled and stylish in our iconic new jackets & coats collection. After seeing the Faux Fur Knock Out on Jalen Ramsey and the Aspen Love Puffer on Stormi Bree, we know what we’ll be gifting the lucky loved ones on our shopping lists this year.

Shanley McIntee and Cameron Porras posing at Alo Winter House 2021 while wearing Faux Fur Knock Out Jackets.

With everyone snuggled up in stunner puffers and faux fur coats, guests embarked on a wintery tour of the finest wellness activations in the wonderland. From ear seeding with Aqu Wellness, astrology reading with Tulsi Bagnoli, tarot card readings with Julie Evonne — which Shanley McIntee admits made her cry — and reiki healing with Nicolette Ficchi, guests took the arctic plunge into new forms of health and wellness.

Azra Mian, Aisha Mian, Ton Lopez, SJ Bleau, and Addison Rae’s dad posing on the Alo branded snow mobiles at Alo Winter House 2021.

After a mental and spiritual renewal, guests joined Patrick Star on a trip to the Mejuri team for a brand-new piercing — ouch! But what’s sugar without a little spice? With red ears (instead of a red nose thanks to gloriously oversized hoods on our luxe jackets), Chantel Jeffries visited Skin Gym for an Alo Glow System facial. Amidst live DJ sets by Autograph and TikTok filming shoots by Markell Washington, Teala Dunn, and the Mian Twins, the facialists and masseuses somehow managed to center mind, body, and soul with a little help from the Head-To-Toe Glow Oil and Magnesium Reset Spray.

Lucy Hale getting a brand new ear piercing at the Mejuri station at Alo Winter House 2021 while wearing a Steel Blue leggings and top set with an Ivory Aspen Love Puffer.

With our winter wonderland of warmth and wellness well underway, we moved onto the second step: incorporate mindful movement, but make it winterized. The answer? A vibey Alo Moves sanctuary that hosted daily yoga classes, a sherpa-covered acro yoga space, an ice-skating rink for testing your balance, and nightly sound baths by Susy Markoe Schieffelin. From opening to close, you could find Clare Crawley suspended in the air thanks to Andrew Sealy, SJ Bleau and Tony Lopez hand-in-hand on the rink, and Clinton Moxam riding the waves of the sound bath. Mindful movement was found in every corner of Alo Winter House, testing strength, balance, and agility of every attendee.

Andrew Sealy and Clare Crawley performing acro yoga in front of the giant snow globe at Alo Winter House 2021.

The third and final step: sub the pool party with an après ski (or après ice skating) festival. What’s a post-movement party without some holiday-inspired beverages? Four Sigmatic’s Tuk Tuk rolled into the snow with reishi hot chocolate and adaptogen coffee to warm from the inside out while Amass Botanics served up sage and gin mules and “Alo Spice & Everything Nice,” their nod to spiked apple cider. To accompany your beverage of choice, Hu Chocolates, Deluscious Cookies, and Dream Pops ensured you didn’t go hungry after racing Olympic Figure Skating Medalist Alexa Scimeca Knierim.

Victoria Justice, Andrew Sealy, Madison Grace, and friends posing within the Alo Moves Sanctuary at Alo Winter House 2021.

From Vicotria Justice making it hard to believe this was her first attempt at acro yoga to the cast of Bling Empire adding even more sparkle to our winter wonderland, the first week of Alo Winter House was nothing short of a holiday miracle. Be sure to check out all of the stars’ star jackets and follow along on IG and TikTok for live reports from inside the house all season long!