A woman holding a bottle of the Chill + Unwind lavender essential oil while wearing the Muse Shorts and Muse V-Neck Pullover in Ivory with a small bouquet of flowers in her pocket.

How To Incorporate Essential Oils Into A Daily Practice

Simple, practical, and transformative  

Have you ever excitedly bought a new bottle of essential oil, determined to integrate scent into your day-to-day routine only to forget about its existence a week later? Because same.

Why do we do this?

Well, we have a couple of guesses. One: maybe we haven’t used therapeutic-grade oils that truly evoke the promised result. Two: maybe we aren’t aware of other uses besides the standard diffuser. Or three: maybe we aren’t fully sold on the power of scent quite yet.

Because we’ve resonated with all three of the hypotheses above (prior to trying Alo’s ethically sourced and state-of-the-art extracted essential oil line), we're sharing a collection of practices that kept us reaching for the little bottles of oil time and time again.

Here’s 6 ways to incorporate essential oils into your life that will create powerful daily practices you'll stick with.

Alo Cleanse & Detox - Tea Tree Essential Oil


Whether you’re adding a few dashes of the Breathe + Spa Essential Oil Blend to your nightly bath or a few drops of the Awaken + Center Essential Oil to your pre-work shower, these scents completely transform your daily cleansing ritual. This is also the perfect opportunity to experiment with the entire essential oil line (or mix and match them!) so you can begin to incorporate specific scents at particular points in your day for desired results.


Let's be real, we have little to no idea what’s in the bottle of perfume we spritz all over ourselves every day. While we have given up on unpacking that secret, we can tell you that our essential oils are ethically harvested from heritage plants all over the world and are the perfect swap for the mystery bottle sitting on your vanity. While perfume has never been a part of our wellness ritual, Alo’s essential oils work to stimulate and inspire mind, body, and soul making them the perfect addition to your self-care routine. Simply dilute to 5% with a carrier oil of your choice (don’t forget to patch test!) and dab on your wrist, back of ears, and feet and enjoy the rest of your day or evening!

A person placing a few drops of essential oils into Alo’s Aura Diffuser with a small vase of eucalyptus on the side.


Possibly our favorite use for essential oils is within our home, because of their ability to replace the artificial floral smell with the true essence of non-GMO plants like Bulgarian lavender and Indian peppermint. All you need is a mister or a spray bottle, water, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil for quick spritzes on couch cushions, laundry linens, bath towels, curtains, and other fabrics (heck, we know our cars could use some love, too). Or, simply add a few drops directly to the washer on laundry day for an added touch of freshness.


The common theme between numbers 2 and 3 above is the vast array of common products whose contents remain a mystery. To add to that list: household cleaners. The perfect substitue? A DIY all-purpose surface cleaner that’s easy to make, contains natural, known ingredients, and gets the dirty job done (and smelling amazing). Simply mix 1 cup of water, 1 cup of white distilled vinegar, and 15 drops of essential oil of choice and you’re ready to clean. Our fave cleaning-day combo: Cleanse + Detox Essential Oil and the Chill + Unwind Essential Oil.

A woman sitting in a chair within a room filled with natural light while enjoying the Aura Diffuser and essential oils.


Incorporating scent into your workout can inspire, motivate, and improve focus during your mindful movement practice. Adding the Sleep & Downshift Essential Oil Blend to your nightly meditation practice can help promote deep calm and tranquility before your head hits the pillow. In contrast, adding the Energize + Refresh Essential Oil to your mid-day HIIT routine (either with a diffuser, or by spritzing your sweat towel) can help elicit the feelings of purification and renewal you crave.


First, it’s time to swap out your old diffuser with Alo’s Aura Diffuser — a part luxe-humidfier, part scent-magnifier — that elevates and expands upon your typical essential oil experience. Second, start implementing the power of scent into your pre-existing wellness routine. For example, set the mood in the morning during your skincare routine. During journaling and manifestations. While you read. While you clean the house. While you dance out the chaos of the work week. When you’re needing an extra dose of good vibes, turn on your diffuser, and let scent take you there.

We’re always looking for new ways to incorporate the power of scent in our lives so tag @AloWellness_ in your posts and share with us your scent-filled journey!