A photo of the pool and deck at Alo Wellness House.

Dip Your Toes Into The First-Ever Alo Wellness House

R&R just got an upgrade

If you’ve been an avid Alo House follower from day one, you know our iconic event typically involves a whole lot of familiar faces and festivities.

While both were found in ample supply, this time around the name of the game centered on wellness in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.

At every turn — if you managed to break gaze from the breathtaking view of Los Angeles (or Mr. Noah Beck himself) — Alo House attendees dabbled in new opportunities for unlocking deeper mindfulness and movement.

Allie Michelle leading a class on the open-air deck at Alo Wellness House.

This Alo House also drew inspiration from our first-ever Aloversary, a commemorative celebration of all things Alo (by means of 20% off sitewide) that worked alongside our IRL experience. Honoring both Mental Health Awareness Month and Alo's longstanding commitment to infusing wellness wherever we can, Alo Wellness House brought people together to experience Alo’s take on well-being and self-care.

Drawing upon our brand pillars of air, land, and ocean, all of our activations focused on grounding aspects of the world around us: breathwork classes led by Allie Michelle, grounding yoga flows alongside Ashley Galvin, and ice baths by TWYN that shocked the body (in the best way possible, just ask Tessa Brooks).

Kupah James and a friend posing in a boxing stance in the boxing room at Alo Wellness House.

Because we all know a good sweat and the endorphins that follow are exactly what the doctor orders on days the body craves movement, Kupah James hosted some knockout boxing rounds, Louis Chandler led a variety of high-intensity classes on the pool deck, and Giorgio Merlino challenged attendees to his famous full-body pumps.

If your body needed some R&R but still desired the heat, guests joined Jaiden Woodbey in the infrared sauna or Aqu Wellness for a restorative cupping session.

Three men doing a high-intensity workout on Alo Warrior Mats near the pool at Alo Wellness House.

After soaking up some vitamin D poolside, visiting the Hydration Room for a B12 shot and IV drip, and snacking on a Lambogreeni smoothie and falafel wrap provided by our friends at Great White, guest explored the unique wellness-inspired activations of Alo Wellness House.

From personalized watercolor birth charts by Greyson Kirby to reiki with Nicolette Ficchi to astrology readings with Jennifer Sinclair, this house on the hills was packed with various ways to dive deeper into mental health literacy and understanding of self. Honored guest Dr. John Amaral joined us, leading Alessandra Ambrosio through an energy healing session that left her feeling lighter, more joyful, and ready to enjoy the rest of her appointments.

Three people sitting in ice baths side by side at Alo Wellness House.

Alo is here to remind you to call up your esthetician and book a massage, facial or service of choice A.S.A.P. — spa services can serve as a powerful aid in your self-care journey. The Skin Witch and Satya offered Ludi Delfino a holistic facial involving our newest 60 Second Detox & Glow Mask and light therapy while Siane and Skinic provided Amina Taha with a lymphatic drainage massage with our Head-To-Toe Glow Oil.

A photo of Ashley Galvin and a friend doing yoga on the deck at Alo Wellness House.

While the Alo Glow System had all the chance to shine — due to its 100% clean ingredients, aromatherapeutic properties, and powerful botanicals that infuse wellness into any beauty routine — the newest collections also had their day (or three) in the sun.

We were lucky enough to catch Maude Apatow shining in the Summer Sunset Ombre Sweat Set with an Alosoft Switch It Up Bra in brand-new Cantaloupe (and no, it doesn’t get any sweeter in terms of human or hue).

Our Terry Beachside Short and Short Sleeve also made their debut in the California heat with the ultimate trifecta: Camryn Henry, Lauren Jauregui, and Madeline Grace. While the newbies left their mark, this was a celebration of all things Alo so you could count on the OG styles to show up and show off just the same.

A group of people in Savasana after a yoga meditation at the end of Alo Wellness House.

Bebe Rexha wore the heck out of a Sprinter Jacket, Stormi Bree stunned in the Alosoft Suns Out Onesie, and Asia Monet made sweats oh-so-sweet with an Airbrush Mesh Corset Tank and matching Accolade Sweatpant and Sweatshirt.

After wrapping all bookings, dream couple 6lack and Quin settled in for a soundbath led by Natalie of Love and Alchemy. This daily closing helped guests find gratitude for the newfound sense of community and lock in the newest learnings and enlightenments of the day.

A photo of two men posing on the roof of Alo Wellness House.

Alo Wellness House offered a new iteration for our favorite celebration and based on our own cloud-nine feels post-day-3 as well as the feedback we’ve received from attendees such as Alyson Stoner and Nicole Williams English, it’s obvious that an extra dose of dedicated wellness is something we all need.

Follow along on @Alo, @AloMen, @AloWellness_, and @AloYoga for all of the Alo House content and we look forward to flowing, growing, and celebrating with you all next time!