A woman meditating on a Warrior Mat using the Alo Moves online platform.

Mental Health Awareness Month 2022 With Alo

Free Alo Moves, in-person community events, & new virtual experiences

Recognized annually during the month of May, Mental Health Awareness Month (MHAM) serves as a time to destigmatize mental health struggles and share practical tools that improve mental wellness and increase resiliency — this year, Alo is spotlighting the resources we’ve found useful as well as pioneering new avenues to lean into as we all walk together through our mental health journeys.

At the core of Alo is a guiding mission to empower people into living healthier, more fulfilled lives: activewear that emboldens people to spend more time on their mat (where peace and healing can be found), Alo Moves, an online fitness platform that makes mindful movement accessible and enjoyable, and community events that foster unity amongst friends and strangers.

Each and every day we’re inspired to infuse wellness wherever we can and it’s through these channels that we ourselves find solace during our moments of anxiety, and gratitude during our moments of triumph.

These past two years tested our capacities to handle an unprecedented amount of stress. An ongoing pandemic, culture wars, power wars, and a reckoning on systemic injustices it’s no wonder that more people are seeking therapy (yay!), leaving jobs, and searching for more meaning in their lives.

While it might feel that we’ve been stuck in the descending portion of an emotional roller-coaster for some time, this trying period has opened our eyes to the fact that mental wellness serves as a point of connection for us all. World-renowned athletes, business owners, high school students, and people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds simultaneously battle through their own personal struggles with mental health — it’s an element of the human experience that levels the playing field.

So why don’t we talk about it? Why do we shy away from open conversation about this form of common ground in a day and age where it feels so hard to find just that?

This month, Alo has big plans in store to amplify those conversations with help from the National Alliance On Mental Illness (NAMI), expand our mental health tool kits alongside one another, and prove that your mental health matters to us.

A photo of two women doing an Alo Moves class together in a white living room with weights and a Warrior Mat.


Make Alo Moves your sanctuary for the month (& beyond) with 31 days of wellness.

Whether meditation or movement (or both!) help you along your wellness journey, we’re here to support. How? Well to start, we thought we’d grant 100% free access to Alo Moves for all 31 days of May. Soon to be your new at-home (or at-anywhere) studio — equipped with thousands of classes for all levels — Alo Moves offers classes ranging from 5 minutes to 60 minutes to breath-focused flows to strength-focused sculpts so you can find wellness whenever, wherever, and however you desire.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to commit to self-care every day, and we’re doing so with the help of new classes, exciting updates, and a heck of a giveaway. Should you complete 10 classes with us this month, you’ll automatically be entered to win $1000 (because we all need a little vacay). Sign up for daily class reminders to keep you on track or follow our pre-made weekly playlists to keep it self-paced.

We’ve also made a few updates to our platform that make finding your preferred classes simple and straightforward. With a new-and-improved mindfulness category and our Class Finder tool, you can browse through a variety of focused styles including sleep, anxiety, focus, and relaxation— more time for mindfulness, less time searching for the needle in the haystack class.

This month, we’re excited to announce the launch of our daily affirmations led by Adrian Michael Green. If you’ve been wondering how to start a manifestation practice or yearning for an extra dose of positive self-talk and creativity (or simply want to experiment with the efficacy of beginning each day with a mantra), join Adrian as he walks us through powerful words to frame each day of our month-long celebration.

A large class dressed in all white meditating together on a rooftop.


This year, we’re honored to unite with the Westside Los Angeles chapter of the National Alliance On Mental Illness (NAMI WLA) as the exclusive community partner for Mental Health Awareness Month. Throughout May, Alo will be joining them as they continue their tireless work educating, supporting, and raising awareness for those affected by mental health conditions.

Join us in-person in the Los Angeles area and virtually with free programs and events geared toward fostering meaningful conversation and lifelong community. Visit our community page to view a full list of our online events happening this month and see below for our co-hosted events happening IRL around Los Angeles.

5.12 | MHAM Discussion with NAMI WLA Peer Ambassador Britt Turpack, Alo Beverly Hills Store
5.14 | Kidical Mass Bike Ride, Santa Monica
5.21 | Wellness Stage Presenting Sponsor, 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica
5.27 | “Inside Out” Screening, Virginia Avenue Park
5.29 | #ClubAlo Beach Yoga with Dakota Kahn x NAMI WLA, Santa Monica

A photo overlooking the Alo Sanctuary experience on Roblox in serene night mode in honor of Mental Health Awareness Mode.


For the past 3 months, the Alo Sanctuary on Roblox has infused mindfulness into well over 25 million metaverse visits (and we’re still pinching ourselves to make sure we’re not dreaming). Originally concepted with the goal of deepening our long-standing commitment to supporting the mental and overall health of the global community at large, of course we had to design a whole new experience in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.

First and foremost, we must mention that joining the Alo Sanctuary experience on Roblox automatically earns you 2 free months on Alo Moves, so come for the perk, stay for the immersive wellness experience.

A newly designed night landscape featuring a rising moon over lavender seas and starry nights brings relaxation to new heights. Paired with daily affirmations to collect in pursuit of an affirmation crown — 3 completions earn your avatar this accessory to boast all around the metaverse — brand new Alo Moves meditation sessions, and an updated collection of digital fashion and gear, the Alo Sanctuary provides an engaging new way to get mindful.

We’re thrilled to honor mental wellness alongside one another — whether you join us online, in-person, or look inward with the tools provided above, join us in committing to self-care for the next 31 days with Alo and our global community!