@jastookes sharing Alo’s Magnesium Reset Spray—her post-workout go-to.

Why You Need A Magnesium Spray (Like, Now)

Your new post-practice & pre-sleep hero

Whether your 8 hours of sleep are interrupted by the planning-out-every-detail-of-your-life-when-you-hit-the-mattress routine or the 10-minute total body sculpt you added to the end of your Alo in the Wild, Baja stack (and then another), sleep has some serious rivals nowadays. The main culprits: overactive brains and achy, sore muscles.

The secret to looking and feeling like you just got back from a week spent under the palms with your email set to OOO? A Magnesium Reset Spray.

This post-practice hero is like Savasana in a bottle thanks to a blend of exotic botanicals, calming aromatherapy, and, the star of the show — magnesium. We’ve seen your perfectly color-coded schedule and yes, we know you’re needing an extra dose of bliss in your life — our answer is bliss in a mist.

With 3 spritzes of the Magnesium Reset Spray, your skin directly absorbs 45 mg of magnesium and drinks up a few other goodies your mind and body will love. Have you’ve been pondering what in the world a mag spray is and if it’s going to be the next beauty trend that goes viral on TikTok? We’ve got you covered, and we think YES.

@ashley_moore_ enjoying her Magnesium Reset Spray and Head-To-Toe Glow Oil pre- and post-shower.


The clean-beauty experts behind our magnesium spray — to whom our glutes owe many thanks — created this product for the active person, the needing-some-extra-ZZZs person, and the person who doesn’t believe harsh chemicals and synthetic substances truly heal mind and body.

At the core of our beauty line is the belief that beauty comes from within — from a healthy diet, active days, and plenty of rest and recovery. For us, this means the sourcing and implications of the ingredients matter just as much as the performance of our skincare products.

While calming essential oils (mandarin orange, yum!) and rice milk aromas of the magnesium spray ease your mind, your conscience also rests easy knowing that each pump delivers vegan, cruelty-free product made clean in California.

Our bodies face an array of substances that disrupt hormones, immunity, and quality of life. While creating a product built to calm, soothe, and be clean, we were strict about finding and eliminating all of the B.S. that contributes to the above.

This means no parabens, sulfates, silicones, or any of the other 1300+ chemicals banned in personal care products in the EU — of which, the US currently only bans 11.

The Alo Glo System was created by people living a life in pursuit of wellness that needed sustainable, ethical, clean beauty products to complement their practice, soothe sweat-stressed skin, ease tension, and replenish moisture—so cutting corners wasn’t an option.

Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients that make this mag spray such a glorious addition to our skincare (and post-workout) routine...

@katelynbyrd repping her Magnesium Reset Spray.



Absorbed rapidly via the skin, magnesium helps to restore the chill to your bod — our secret to waking up refreshed and ready to hit our 5-day workout goal.


This superberry is nature’s most concentrated source of antioxidants and vitamin C, which is why it's been used for millennia in Indian Ayurvedic healing and now serves as the backbone of our beauty line.


A world-renowned root that helps to calm and relaxthis is where the post-practice hero comes into play.


The famous skin-soother that the skin quickly drinks up as if it knows this beauty is going to work hard to lock in moisture.


Everyone is giving their morning detox bevvy a good dash of this golden spice — and for good reason: turmeric packs a hearty antioxidant punch that helps to truly amplify your beauty, inside and out.


This small-but-mighty flower is your tired, sweat-stressed skin’s BFF.


A.K.A. neem, is like a knight in shining armor for your skin — this do-it-all berry helps skin look clear, plump, and brilliant.


Aside from serving as the star ingredient in our favorite pasta topping, basil helps to cleanse and purify skin that looks flawless and blemish-free.


Packed with nourishing vitamin E and potassium, this oil contributes to hydrated skin that looks and feels totally rejuvenated. (Glowing skin is kind of the name of the game with our skincare line.)


This delicate flower has been used for centuries. Aside from its reputed calming properties, we love the way it contributes to even looking skin.

Man applying the Magnesium Reset Spray.


Simply spray onto your skin, massage, and – our fave way to do it — follow up with a nice, hot shower (fancy seeing you here, Mega-C Body Wash), then post-shower pampering with the Superfruit Body Lotion. Be sure to focus on areas with extra tension or fatigue (whether that’s your shoulders from a day spent putting away clean dishes on the top shelf and rehanging your shower curtain or your core from the handstand journey Briohny Smyth is taking you on).

The goal here is relaxation and recovery, so whenever you’re needing an extra dose of bliss, look to a couple of spritzes to get you there. Our favorite ways to mag spray are before Savasana, after any form of mindful movement, and during our nightly routine.

Man getting ready to apply the Magnesium Spray.

As our lives get busier and as we set more challenging fitness goals, taking care of our bodies and the skin that covers it is essential. Whether you’re using it to soothe, center, ease, or settle, implementing the Magnesium Reset Spray into your weekly practice ensures your mind and body not only keep up, but thrive.

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