A photo of Alo’s Restorative Hand Cream and Lasting Lip Balm positioned on a tan stone.

Double Clean Beauty Drop: Lasting Lip Balm & Restorative Hand Cream

On-the-go glow is here

Cross-body bag, meet your two new best friends: Alo’s Restorative Hand Cream and Lasting Lip Balm. 100% clean and come in clutch when you need them most, they’ll get along splendidly with the other must-haves at your hip.

While our very first soda-flavored lip gloss and glittery lotion will always hold a nostalgic place in our hearts, these two skincare essentials have come a long way.

From hand creams we fell in love with at first scent only to realize the moisture just wasn’t there and chapsticks that we’d go back for again and again and again because the nourishment punch was not packed — we've had a long (but broken) love affair with lip balm and hand lotions.

Here to mend the years of shortfalls and heartbreaks, the clean beauty chemists who got to concocting Alo’s botanical-filled, amla-powered take on the classics. The result? A power couple to end all others. Luxe formulas, antioxidant-packed, and none of the bad stuff — both in petite little packages for on-the-go glow whenever you need it.

We’re breaking down all the need-to-knows below — because the trust issues are inevitable after the relationships we’ve had with lip balms and hand creams — so you can get on to being someone’s smooth hand to hold and soft lips to kiss while leaving beauty baggage in the past.

A pair of hands applying Alo’s Restorative Hand Cream.



Thick & rich – the luxe feel your hands (and dry elbows and kneecaps) appreciate
Not sticky or greasy – because is anything worse?
Instant absorption – a tailored formula that gets to work Fast, with a capital F
Lasting hydration – hard-working hands deserve hard-working (and long-lasting) relief
Sunshiny citrus scent – a pop of brightness, warmth, and wear-anywhere scent


Amla – Alo’s clean beauty MVP and known as the world’s most concentrated antioxidant, this beauty-boosting superberry packed with vitamin C was a must for hand-care
Shea butter – with a high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins, shea butter gives skin a visibly smoother appearance
Arnica – used for centuries to promote relaxation and soothe the visible effects of stress on the body, this daisy-like flower quickly earned its keep
Squalane – also a powerful antioxidant, squalane mimics the skin’s natural oil for an ultralight barrier that locks in moisture
Avocado oil – packed with vitamin E and potassium, avocado oil brings the nourishment all day long

A woman applying Alo’s Lasting Lip Balm to her lips.



Ultra-long-lasting – we've become acquainted with reapplying chapstick every five minutes, but this formula will quickly un-acquaint you
Non-sticky moisture – a silky smooth texture without the gluey finish (A.K.A. the culprit behind the addictive chapstick dispute)
Deep hydration – thanks to nature’s most potent botanicals, this lip balm melts into the lips for intense, all-day hydration
Naturally fragranced – bright citrus with herbal and vanilla notes for a minimalistic flavor that easily beats out the soda-flavored 8-pack


Amla – you already know this tried-and-true beauty-booster would headline our lip balm with powerful antioxidants that promote visibly fuller lips
Alo vera – rapidly absorbed and quick to seal in long-lasting moisture, aloe vera is the ultimate skin-soother
Cocoa butter – with a high fatty acid content, cocoa butter works to restore skin’s elastic appearance while locking in moisture
Rosehip oil – a vitamin-rich oil that boosts moisture for a primed and plumped appearance
Avocado oil – our lip balm also needed the vitamin E and potassium that avocado oil provides so abundantly

Two women smiling at the camera for an up-close shot.


Lip balms and hand creams are notorious for packing fun-sized packaging up with not-so-fun ingredients (such as petroleums and PETs, yikes!). At Alo, we believe that what you put on your body matters as much as what you put in your body, so it was necessary to clean up the classics.

Every ingredient you’ll find in the Restorative Hand Cream and Lasting Lip Balm has passed the strictest guidelines in the world, and is carefully selected, ethically sourced, and thoroughly researched — nothing toxic, carcinogenic, irritating, or harmful, ever.

To complement all of the lovely benefits listed above, these power players are always made clean in California and are vegan and cruelty-free, so you can enjoy with peace of mind.

A man smiling for an up-close shot.

Your lips and hands do so much. Hands help you find a perfectly ripened avocado at the farmer’s market and hold onto those 2 lb. weights for Emily Sferra’s 6-Minute Tricep Tone. Lips allow you to tell your loved ones just how loved they are and begin your morning with a breathing exercise.

They deserve soothing, nourishing, enriching products that empower them to keep doing what they’re doing, and we have just the things. Stay hydrated on the go with our two new additions to the Alo Glow System and follow us on @AloWellness_ to be the first to hear about future clean beauty drops and surprises!