Ashley Galvin Hosted Alo’s Live Shopping Event & It Was Epic

Ashley Galvin Hosted Alo’s Live Shopping Event & It Was Epic

Who knew shopping could get more fun?

This past week was big for Alo. Why?

1. We dropped Blue Skies (a Kendall Jenner fave)

2. Some epic new styles came to play — peep below

3. Ashley Galvin hosted our first-ever live shopping experience

And let’s just say, this new kind of shopping experience is definitely something we could get used to.

If you’re an in-store shopper, you love the tactile experience of trying things on and knowing for certain what’ll fit before deciding to purchase. If you’re team online, you love the convenience and wide variety of options at your fingertips.

Live shopping? It’s the best of both worlds. But with an Alo Yogi (or celeb *wink, wink*) guiding you through the fit and the function all the while enjoying the comfort of your own home. Plus, there’s live chat to ensure you get all of your questions answered in real-time.

Do we see potential live shopping parties in our apartments with friends in the near future? Absolutely.

A woman wearing a matching workout set with high-waisted leggings and a one-shoulder sports bra in a baby blue color while sitting amongst some palm leaves.

Amid Crow Poses, Handstands, and Sun Salutations, Ashley Galvin showed off our latest drop, Blue Skies, a dreamy new color drop that’s just right for transitioning from summer into fall. She also dropped us a few hints on which styles she prefers for time spent on the mat, at play, and at rest.

In case you missed the live, we’re going to break down a few of our key takeaways.

1. The brand-new Blissful Henley Bra Top stood up to Ashley’s Sun Salutation test – no accidental under-boob exposure, no gaping between buttons, and all the support needed for a tough class. This versatile piece is joining Ashley while she drops her daughter off at school, during her Alo Moves classes, and out to dinner with friends. (P.S. She’s loving it with the ultra-soft and stretchy High-Waist 7/8 Blissful Legging, and now so are we.)

2. Her #1 fave piece right now? The Pixie Bra. Workout-proof, style-enhancing, and ultra-versatile.

3. If you absolutely must choose one material, Ashley suggests you go with Airbrush. Specifically, the High-Waist Biker Short. For yoga, for chill, for wearing out, and for anywhere in between.

4. When she’s not in Airbrush, catch her in Airlift. She’s currently obsessed with the High-Waist Airlift Short and the Lavish Bra for all of her high-intensity needs.

5. If you caught the live action, you’d know by her beautiful golden locks (and because she told us) that Ashley just visited her hairdresser who told her that scrunchies are her BFF. Why? Because they don’t cause breakage or split ends, and now, we’re even copying Ashley’s hairdresser with an Oversized Scrunchie.

6. One thing she couldn’t live without? Her Warrior Mat. The Eclipse color that doesn’t show tinted SPF when it drips during her Power Sculpt class, but “is also a little more fun than black” (and we agree).

And FYI, Kendall Jenner has also been repping the new Blue Skies color drop in case you weren’t already convinced.

To see these new styles and color live in action, rewatch the Blue Skies Live Shopping event, and sign up for reminders on upcoming shops in the future! We’re bringing in some A-list hosts, so if we were you, we’d be signing up real quick.