Behind The Collection: Summer 18

Behind The Collection: Summer 18

Take a deep dive into the design inspiration behind our latest launch

It's already starting to feel like summer at Alo HQ with this week's release of our brand-new collection. This season we're introducing innovative designs like a bandage legging with a stirrup and a reflective bra-and-leggings set that lights up, highlighting aquatic-inspired details and launching our highest waistline yet, the extreme high waist on the Airlift and Moto leggings. Plus, we're adding some special colors to the mix, so you can refresh your studio and street faves. To dive a little deeper into the collection, we asked senior designer Sapna Von Sick and design creative director Mystika Jones to walk us through their inspiration, their personal must-haves and how performance meets fashion behind some of this season's standouts.

Where did you look to for inspiration when you set out to design Summer 18?

Sapna Von Sick: For this season, we were inspired by the idea of the body reimagined, in which we explored highlighting the form from an evolved perspective. Aquatic was another source of inspiration where we integrated the idea of transparency in layers as well as details from nature.

Mystika Jones: Summer is all about falling in love with the outdoors, so we took a deep dive into finding all things in nature and exploring details that could translate into beautiful pieces.

[caption id="attachment_1933" align="alignnone" width="1862"] High-Waist Bandage Legging, Incline Bra, High-Waist Wrapped Stirrup Legging[/caption]

Tell us about the Stirrup Legging! How did that design come about? What do you think yogis will like about it?

SV: Our High-Waist Wrapped Stirrup Legging was inspired by the challenge of approaching body-mapping and shaping through a different lens. This involved studying the various elements and parts of the human form, finding a fresh take on it and keeping the eye engaged through movement in transparent strapping. We’re hoping yogis will enjoy the thought behind this style—that it moves with their practice and helps highlight their poses in a new and special way.

Between the Stirrup Legging and our bandage pieces, there's a lot of mesh and wrapping. Why are these elements such an important part of the collection?

SV: It's summertime! Keeping styles breathable is not only visually interesting but also super functional for staying cool. The wrapping element supports the trends of the season, which includes mimicking the flow and formation of water in our aquatic theme as well as providing a more transparent feel to the idea of body-mapping and form.

What's your favorite color from the collection?

SV: Smoky Quartz is my personal favorite! It's both ultra-feminine and elevated, and a beautifully evolved neutral.

MJ: Pistachio is my favorite color of the season. It has a fresh feel that brings a cooling but soft feel to a season that feels very hot. It looks so pretty on all types of skin tones.

This collection has a ton of cool aquatic-inspired details, like mesh and translucent materials. What was your design process like for these pieces?

SV: For our aquatic theme we wanted to interpret the fluidity of water though movement via fabrics and layering. We showcase motion through seaming and transparent trims.

[caption id="attachment_1934" align="alignnone" width="2322"] Translucent Jacket, Lush Bra, Ambience Short[/caption]

What pieces in particular do you think embody studio-to-street?

SV: The Bandage Bra—it performs during practice and transitions beautifully into an ultra-modern street piece. The Ambience Short–great for summertime yoga on the beach, it styles seamlessly into the rest of your day. And the High-Waist Airlift Legging in Alo Graphic—it has all the function of your favorite Alo legging, plus the super bold and chic color-blocked graphic. I love it!

MJ: The Notion Sweatpant! It's been really great to practice yoga in a soft, loose jogger style. There is something beautiful and freeing about wearing a softer pant with your favorite bra to practice. This jogger is so functional yet has a polished, put-together look, so you leave your class feeling classic and cool.

We're launching our highest waistline yet! Where did the idea for the Extreme High-Waist come from?

SV: The thought behind our Extreme High-Waist Airlift Legging & Extreme High-Waist Moto Legging stemmed from the idea of evolving our High-Waist Airbrush Legging silhouette. The extended waistband adds the extra support and comfort that is so sought after and works beautifully with our bras and extreme cropped styles! It's the perfect street style look.

[caption id="attachment_1931" align="alignnone" width="2902"] Reflective Moonlit Bra, High-Waist Moonlit Runner Legging[/caption]

What pieces are you most excited about?

SV: The Splice Long Sleeve Cropthe proportion of this style works perfectly with our Extreme High-Waist Airlift Legging. I love the delicate ladder lacing detail that makes this piece a standout. The Translucent Jacket—on-trend transparent fabrication paired with a street silhouette makes this a wow piece to layer to and from practice. And the Heroine Bra–so excited about this piece! It's beautifully crafted for the ultimate support and gorgeous with delicate lines and detailing.

MJ: I am in love with the Reflective Moonlit Bra and High-Waist Moonlit Runner Legging. I've been training for a half marathon (scary), and sometimes I don’t get the chance to get out until later in the evening—these styles make me feel more visible. And they have a translucent quality that adds a pretty sheen in those softly-lit classrooms. It's so beautiful! When we do our fit-testing, we always think of how clothes will perform in yoga first—the rest comes second. I love that these pieces work for multiple levels of exercise to support your fitness goals. Mine right now is running, but I also wear these to yoga, which helps me stretch and release to become a better runner.

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