Big News!! Practice Anywhere, Anytime with Alo Moves

Big News!! Practice Anywhere, Anytime with Alo Moves

It's your new virtual yoga studio... on iPhone/Android, tablet and web!

This is huge: we just launched a yoga video app!! Meet Alo Moves, the new game-changer for personalizing your practice and taking your yoga with you wherever you go (yes, really). With thousands of videos to explore, from single classes to series across all different levels, and a range of different focuses, like power vinyasa, yin yoga and handstand workshops, to name a few, led by some of the most incredible teachers, it's the ultimate app for putting toes-to-mat on your own time.

Other perks? You won't have to sign up for every class like you would at a studio, stress about showing up on time or worry that the practice won't be exactly what you want to do! For $20 a month—about the same price as a single yoga class—you'll get unlimited access to the entire Alo Moves video library, with new classes and series added daily, and you'll be able to stream them on your phone, tablet or the web. No wifi? No problem. You can access all the classes offline too!

Want to experience it for yourself? Sign up here to get two weeks free! Once you're in, get your om on with our top 5 series, below.

Hatha Bliss with Talia Sutra
Type: Series (4 videos)
Level: Intermediate

A grounding series of slow-paced 30-minute flows designed around moods—Wakeup, Mellow, Ecstatic and Blissful Heart—and inspired by different practices, like Kundalini, Ashtanga and Bikram, to help you move mindfully, find calm and reenergize.

Awakening Yoga: Solar Practice with Patrick Beach
Series (6 videos)
Level: Intermediate

In this series, you'll explore Awakening Yoga, Patrick's very own Vinyasa style that focuses on building arm and core strength and increasing flexibility and range of motion. Expect some deep backbends, splits, inversions and arm balances, along with helpful modifications for each, to truly take your practice to the next level.

Morning Yoga Kickstart with Koya Webb
Type: Series (7 videos)

Wake up with yoga and start each day feeling more refreshed than the last. This series includes a practice for every day of the week, incorporating sequences for flexibility and strength, and closes out with a calming guided meditation. Repeat as many times as you'd like!

Transformative Alignment with Josh Kramer
Type: Series (9 videos)
Level: Intermediate

An important series for tapping into mindfulness on the mat. Learn how to improve your control, strengthen your alignment through different flows and exercises, and become more aware of your poses and movements in the process.

Power Vinyasa with Briohny Smyth
Series (7 videos)

Love Vinyasa flow classes or need a serious energy boost? This one's for you! The 7-video series includes 3 30-minute classes in varying levels and 2 longer classes, so you can tailor the practice to you and pick and choose or build up to more high-intensity flows. Classes are packed with fast-paced movements and restorative breathwork, designed to strengthen the body and mind.