@daianesodre wearing the Velour Glimmer Full Zip Hoodie and Velour High-Waist Glimmer Wide Leg Pant in Steel Blue while seated on a couch posing for the camera.

Fabrics 101: Velour — Vibey, Velvety And Versatile!


We might be stating the obvious here, but over the last few seasons, we’ve watched velour make a comeback so epic that we just had to add it to Alo’s signature fabric line up. Our go-to lounge faves like Alolux and Micro Waffle officially have some serious competition.

Why velour? Well, because it’s one of the softest textures ever made and truly looks as good as it feels. Feeling the Y2K nostalgia of those sweatsuits? Us, too! We took on the challenge to make velour softer, more luxe and better in every way possible for you to enjoy right now. When trendsetters like Kendall and Gigi are tapping into the velour renaissance, you know this moment isn’t one to be missed.

Whether you’re in the mood to kick it with your phone on DND or want to take a little bit of luxury wherever you go, velour’s got that allure. Keep reading for everything you need to know about our signature fabric & these stunning, must-have velour essentials.

@ inanna wearing the Velour High-Waist Glimmer Wide Leg Pant, Velour Glimmer Scoop Neck Bra and Velour Glimmer Full Zip Hoodie in Hot Cocoa while taking a mirror selfie in the bathroom.



Perfectly plush — your post-workout look deserves this easy-to-wear, next-level snuggly fabric

Velvety-soft — unbelievably yummy softness — just consider it your personal slice of cozy heaven anytime and anywhere that you need it


Warm, yet breathable — just the right balance of warm and breathable for layering head-to-toe velour with other cozy fabrics in your wardrobe

Relaxed & cozy — elevated enough to wear out and chill enough to wear for staying in, giving you the best of both worlds every time you get dressed


Iconic & vibey Kim & Paris once made it iconic and unforgettable, and you’re going to make it look fresh and updated in colors like Steel Blue, Dusty Pink, and Hot Cocoa

Sweet matte finish — it’s that unmistakable, vintage matte finish you’ll want to be seen in; complete the look with a pair of oversized sunglasses & cool sneakers

@ yogibeachhouse wearing the Velour High-Waist Glimmer Wide Leg Pant and Velour Glimmer Scoop Neck Bra in Dusty Pink while performing a yoga stretch on the floor.



It just doesn’t get any better than velour when your need a little R&R. Picture it now: you melt into the couch after a long day, queue up your favorite movie, and slip on a velvety-soft matching set that feels cozier than a blanket. Just peep these ahh-mazing reviews if you still need a little more convincing.


Keep it easy like Sunday mornings and reach for this super-soft fabric for easy stretches and gentle flows. Breathable knit construction keeps you cool for yoga nidra and super-slow yin flows.


This vintage fabric is guaranteed to turn any street-ready look up a notch. Plush and versatile velour effortlessly serves a vibe while keeping you comfortably warm whether you’re headed out for an iced matcha with friends or hitting the mall for some retail therapy on your next day off.

@ annasafroncik wearing the Ribbed Velour Gold Rush Puffer in Black while going for a stroll outside.


Velour Baller Hoodie — let’s be real, this hoodie feels like you’re wearing a hug! It’s plush and perfect for chilling wherever you happen to be and wherever you’re headed

Velour Choice Polo — it’s the classic button-up collar and fitted silhouette that make us want to buy this cozy short sleeve in every single color

Velour High-Waist Glimmer Wide Leg Pant — so soft and sweet for lounging at home, or wear it out and show off this on-trend wide leg silhouette

Velour Ribbed Gold Rush Puffer — a velvety, vibey & ultra-comfy puffer jacket for a head-to-toe statement street look

@mariannefonesca wearing the Velour High-Waist Glimmer Wide Leg Pant, Velour Glimmer Scoop Neck Bra and Velour Glimmer Full Zip Hoodie in Steel Blue while posing against a blue wall.


Velour Glimmer Full Zip Hoodie + Velour Baller Pant = the cool retro look you’ll literally never stop wearing for warmups and wind downs

Velour Choice Polo + Velour Flare = a luxe matching set for lounging, post-practice plans, or a casual photo shoot at an orange grove to rack up those likes

Velour Glimmer Scoop Neck Bra + Velour High-Waist Glimmer Wide Leg Pant = keep it mellow in this set for morning mediations or gentle yoga flows

@chaileeson wearing the Velour High-Waist Glimmer Wide Leg Pant and Velour Choice Polo in Steel Blue while posing with oranges at a farm.

So, we’ve made our case for why velour is an absolute necessity & year-round staple for your wardrobe. Now? It's time for you to make a move — shop the collection and make this dreamy fabric yours.

Visit the full blog for a rundown on all our epic signature fabrics and be sure to tag @Alo in all your velour-inspired looks.