@missblissyoga wearing a pair of Airlift Leggings while doing a tricep workout with weights on her Alo Yoga Warrior Mat.

FYI: Alo Offers Virtual Wellness-Inspired Classes Monthly ~For Free~

Sweat, breathe, and learn with the Alo Fam

At Alo, our mission is to share the mindful movement practices that catalyze growth and invite peace into our lives on the daily with as many people as we can. Why? Because cultivating a community that thrives alongside one another lights our fire and stokes the vibration of the world around us – we challenge you to join us for one of our live community events and not feel the I-can't-stop-smiling feeling permeate through mind, body, and soul.

Since Alo is 15 years young, we’re still in the process of growing. New stores, new cities, new events — we're oh-so-ready to flow and grow with each and every one of you. But until we can roll our mat out directly next to yours, we’re tapping into our extraordinary global community and the beauty of the digital world.

Each month, Alo partners with wellness experts from around the world to bring you a digital calendar that is equal parts captivating and worthwhile. Pioneers in their craft, these hosts curate magical concepts designed to broaden your wellness purview and provide new insight into self and beyond.

A quick note: these live classes are not your run of the mill offerings. In our most recent lineup, Christine Hernandez hosted a Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing Meditation — little did we know that our preferred late-night snack could also serve as a gateway for a mindfulness experience to remember.

We’ve split our community classes into three categories — Mindful Masters, Master Classes, and Beauty + Wellness — so that you can plug-and-play as you please (just be sure to sign yourself up A.S.A.P. because the magic of community can only be experienced live, learning and vibing all together). Each month offers a dynamic assortment of the three so whether you join us for a vinyasa flow, a reiki meditation, or a gua sha tutorial, we invite you to experience the latest forms forms of wellness with new events each and every month — all for free, all for wellness, all for the name of community.

@nicole_rutsch wearing a white blazer and Airbrush Leggings while leading a virtual soundbath within an Alo store.


Mindful Masters is a community event series rooted in (you guessed it) mindfulness! On any given month, you can expect an array of offerings that provide targeted mind-body wellness practices, meditations, and healing.

From clearing the mind to opening the heart to finding gratitude, Alo has and will continue to partner with our grassroots network of mindful leaders putting in work in their local communities and now in yours.

Some of our fan-fave shows of the past:

Reiki Infused Sound Healing Journey with Nicole Rutsch

This class was rooted in cleansing, resetting, and purifying energy centers and auric fields through a reiki experience infused with soundbath. We cut any cords that held us back from being our authentic selves and released attachments that allowed us to feel recentered, reenergized, and aligned.

Crystal and Intention Setting Workshop with Mariah K. Lyons

Mariah K Lyons, author of Crystal Healing for Women and founder of ASTARA, led a workshop exploring the powerful world of minerals and gemstones and taught how to apply these learnings to the intentions we set for the new year. This class deepened our knowledge of working with crystals for personal healing and helped enhance our preexisting manifestation practices.

   @mychalangelo wearing a pair of dark green joggers while stretching on his yoga mat.


Master Classes celebrate mindful movement (emphasis on the movement) of all forms. Yoga has inspired a wide variety of implementations and adaptations, and we’ve had the honor of learning from some of the leaders in a new era of yoga.

Maybe you’re keen on increasing your mobility or adding a little sculpt to your day — Master Class will be the key to elevating your practice and unlocking new forms of mindful movement.

Some of our fan-fave shows of the past:

Live DJ Vinyasa Flow Class with Lizzie Aguirre

Lizzie Aguirre turned the heat up on a typical vinyasa with her signature powerhouse class. She guided students through an energizing flow paired with her signature live house music. Together we left class feeling charged, connected, and centered.

Summer Equinox Solar Yoga Practice + Breathwork with Erin Ward and Mychal Prieto

Mychal Prieto and Erin Ward honored the Summer Equinox in this class with a physical yoga practice that strengthened and opened the body and cleared and centered the mind. This challenging practice was followed by active breathwork, which helped clear energy on a deeper, more subtle level. Both practices worked to release what wasn’t serving us and welcomed vitality, openness, joy, and presence.

@radhidevlukia wearing a white blouse and blue jeans while posing with a plate of food in an outdoor setting.


Beauty + Wellness classes capture the trending topics of the industry while rooting it in mind-body wellness. Taking care of the body that provides us with the gift of movement and caring for the skin that works to regulate daily function are critical elements of our wellness routine and we’re bringing in the pros to help us get the job done.

Some of our fan-fave shows of the past:

Body Gua Sha + Dry Brushing Tutorial by Gianna De La Torre

Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine beauty expert Gianna De La Torre workshopped students through Gua Sha’s power to sculpt, tone, tighten, and smooth the skin. By increasing microcirculation and increasing lymphatic flow, we learned all about this Traditional Chinese Medicine healing technique and how we can use it to beautify our skin.

Introduction to Ayurveda + Doshas with Radhi Devlukia

As part one of a two-part series, Radhi dove into Ayurveda and all of its incredible benefits. The workshop included an overview and discussion on doshas and even offered a quiz to identify our individual dosha and what practices we can apply to daily life to live in better alignment based on the results.

Be sure to register for your fave classes from this month’s lineup on our community page (because we all know if we don’t pencil it in now, life’s beautiful chaos is bound to swoop in and steal the show)! To make things easier, sign up to get the monthly calendar sent straight to your inbox, share it with friends, and breathe, learn, sweat, and get mindful all together every month!