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How Do You Clean Sherpa?

3 Simple Tips For Long-Lasting Sherpa

Sherpa, teddy jacket, faux shearling, fleece-lined pullover — whichever way you spin it, the cleaning of our go-to cover has mystified us for many winters.

That was until today.

It’s okay, you’re not alone. We’ve all been neglecting the sherpa jacket from our weekly laundry haul. But can we be blamed? We want all the plushness, coziness, and sherpa-y goodness to last years, and the washing machine is oftentimes the culprit of short wardrobe life spans.

Well, what if we told you you could preserve the snuggly luxury of your favorite jacket while also keeping it fresh, clean, and smelling way better than it probably does right now?

Here’s all the tips and tricks we follow to keep our sherpa clean.

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After the epic sherpa styles that debuted this past year, we already know your sherpa collection is growing — and rightfully so. Devote an entire load to your sherpa (and faux fur styles). Trust us, it’s worth it. It’s also important to mention that your sherpa jacket does not need to be washed after every use — give it a couple of wears before you schedule its luxurious solo washing machine moment.

Speaking of luxury, we also recommend adding it to your dry clean rotation if you can. Why not give it the TLC it provides you with on the daily during the colder months?

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Just like all clothing items labeled “delicate,” cold water is always the standard. Why? Well for sherpa, it ensures that the iconic plushness of your teddy jacket remains bouncy, lofty, and nonstop cozy. Cold water and your detergent of choice still manage to clean and freshen all the while preserving the integrity of the fabric structure.

@chaileeson wearing the Micro Sherpa High Waist Solstice Sweatpant and Coverup in Black while sitting at a table.


Low and slow, friends! While our sherpa jackets lock in the heat when we need it most, we need to take care of them by turning the temperature down a notch. Always dry on gentle cycle so the faux fur fleece gets the right amount of fluff without harming the fabric.

Among the 125, 5-star customer reviews of our iconic Foxy Sherpa Jacket that we’ve perused...

“Other sherpa I’ve bought are rough, but this is so soft!"

“The fabric is amazing and made strong and made to last!”

“My son loves snuggling me whenever I wear it because of its softness.”

“The quality is amazing, it goes with everything, and I get tons of compliments. It’s a must buy!”

Our sherpa is hard (if not impossible) to beat, so join us in taking the three simple steps above to ensure it lasts! Be sure to tag @Alo in all of your teddy jacket looks, and stay up to date on our newest sherpa styles all season long!