Power Poses In Practice

Power Poses In Practice

Peak Pose Power With @Aubrymarie

You've heard of power poses. Like... standing like a superhero before you have to do something major and then magically carrying that mega energy with you into that thing (even through you've probably stopped actually thrusting your chin up, your shoulders back and standing with your feet wide apart).

Guess what, yoga's the same thing. When we first saw Harvard researcher Amy Cuddy's TED Talk, where power poses took center stage, we were like, um, we know. Peak poses in yoga do the same thing; they too impact body language, hormones, confidence and openness. So we wanted to share a few major yoga moments from one of our most major yogis, Aubry Marie, whose instagram looks like one big power pose party.

Here's how she thought a few of her gorgeous yoga moments carried over into her life.

Ok, Aubry, for real—how do you think "power pose yoga" affects your life off the mat?

It's kind of something that happens behind the scenes. You do your yoga and it plays its roll... always!

Your yoga is obviously ridiculously advanced (and unattainable for most of us). How do you teach "regular" yogis to get into their own power through yoga?

Well, the yogi in me wants to say that's not true! With patience and practice, you too can bend in half. But in all seriousness, what you can imagine you can achieve. I've seen it in my own practice and many others. I used to think I wouldn't ever be able to do most of the asana I do. But to answer your question about yogis at all different places in their practices, I like to speak to the idea of finding your edge. Once you find that edge, you then continue to reinvent and reimagine it; remind yourself that in fact failures aren't real. Most importantly, I focus on breath. Breathe, breathe, breathe! You'll find more power in your breath than any asana. That's where the power comes from that you carry off the mat and into life.

How do you use yoga to prepare you for challenging things or to help you get through challenges?

I think it pumps up my ego, but in a good way. I come from a past of zero confidence or self worth. I was easy to push around, meek and shy and saw no other way. "Power asana" teaches me what a badass I am; that I'm capable of setting a seemingly impossible goal and accomplishing it! "Power asana" tends to put smiles on people's faces, causing a connection, and for that I have so much gratitude.