@kelseymerritt wearing the High-Waist 4 Pocket Utility Legging while on a hike.

Leggings With Pockets? We’ve got you.

Life is easier with pockets (& pockets are cuter with Alo)

Between phones, car keys, wallets, sunglasses, bags of returns, and a couple of snacks, our hands are pretty impressive in the myriad of items they’ve been trained to hold all at once. As remarkable as they might be, we’ve made some leggings with pockets that help take a load off of our hands’ long list of responsibilities.

Rather than your lovely hands performing that routine circus act every time you head out the door, a couple of seamless pockets leave your hands free to hold other hands, hold nothing at all, or play thumb war (whatever suits your fancy).

For your next morning run, try slipping your phone into one of these lovelies below. For your next coffee date with friends, let these perfectly designed pockets hold your essentials rather than letting them crowd the tiny table of lattes and refined-sugar-free croissants. Pockets make life easier, and below, we have 5 ways to show you just that...

High-Waist 4 Pocket Utility Legging

4 Ultra-sleek pockets in the miraculously sculpting Airlift makes for a pocket-adorned legging our busy selves couldn’t get by without. From a card holder to our phones to a cute little flower we found on our hike, the 4 Pocket Utility Legging has all the room for the essentials, with all the smoothness we love for studio and street.

@barzomer wearing the High-Waist 4 Pocket Utility Legging while sipping on a latte while at a coffee shop with friends.

High-Waist Cargo Legging

This street fave packs all of the pockets into our essential Airbrush fabric for an on-trend look that goes the distance in practice, on pavement, and on any pathway that your running shoes meet. With flattering seams, a smoothing fit, and functional pockets, the cargo legging does no wrong.

@tawnyjanae wearing the High-Waist Cargo Legging while on a hike through the mountains.

High-Waist Cargo Biker Short

Take that “do no wrong” energy of the cargo and infuse it into a biker and voilá, our perfect biker with a touch of make-life-easier pockets. So you can focus on adding a couple of minutes to the end of your run (or sneaking an accidental brush of hands with the cutie at the grocery store check-out line).

@yoventura wearing the High-Waist Cargo Biker Shorts while on a run near the beach.

7/8 High-Waist Checkpoint Legging

Comfy, cute, and functional with a skinny waistband, drawcords, and deep pockets — one of our fan fave styles we’re wearing everywhere. The Checkpoint Legging serves up the staple Airbrush fabric with a little oopmh and a much-welcomed addition of pockets. Fill them as you see fit.

@rosacrespo wearing the 7/8 High-Waist Checkpoint Legging in light pink while playing tennis.

Airlift High-Waist Conceal-Zip Capri

The famous smoothing power of Airlift but with a hidden pocket (for keys, cards, or a love note). This sleek capri offers up a narrow waistband and contoured silhouette that we love on the mat, at the market, and anywhere else.

@irinabaeva posing in her house wearing the Airlift High-Waist Conceal-Zip Capri in Alo Blue.

Now that you know all of the things you could be doing should you choose that hands-free lifestyle we’re living, we know you’re headed to snag a pair of cargo bikers. To stay up to date on the latest pocket-adorned pieces, follow @Alo and @AloYoga and tag us in your fave ways to style!