@aubrymarie wearing an Airbrush Cinch Bra with a pair of High Waist Airbrush Cinch Flare Leggings while posing on a rooftop.

Trending Spring Colors For Practice & Play

Neutrals, Statements, & Jewel Tones To Love

Spring is HERE! Meaning warm sunshine, full blooms, and flourishing wildlife are the air — and you better believe Alo delivered an iconic Spring Collection to match the vibe.

Whether you’re shedding the layers for your morning beachside stroll or planning a picnic post-practice in the park, these colors promise to complement all springtime festivities jotted into your planner.

Elevated neutrals? Check.

Pops of bold energy? Absolutely.

Sugary sweet saturations? Yes, please.

Between dazzling jewel tones and serene sky hues, eyes will quickly be redirecting their gaze from the blossoming flowers to thriving YOU!

With the bears concluding their hibernation and the birds soaring into warmer weathers, you already know that Mother Nature is manifesting rebirth, rejuvenation, and renewal and it’s only right if we follow suit.

Get ready to step out in these dazzling spring colors that bring out the vibrance we’re channeling all season long!

@ewebzz wearing a pair of High Waist Airlift Shorts with an Airlift Intrigue Bra both in Rust while posing for a mirror selfie.


This rich coppery color is everything you’re needing in a neutral this spring and more. Flattering on all skin tones and versatile enough to wear for any occasion, it’s become the staple of the season. Is it a neutral? Is it a statement? We like to think it blurs the line between both for an iconic hue we’ll be stocking up on for the year ahead.

As seen above: Airlift Intrigue Bra + Airlift High Waist Shorts

@nayitavp wearing an Airbrush Cinch Bra with a pair of Airbrush High Waist Cinch Flare Legging both in Tile Blue while in Eagle Pose.


Cool off with Tile Blue, a soft hue reminiscent of springtime favorites: warming waters, crisp air, and new life. This bright blue awakens and refreshes your wardrobe after a long winter with vibrant charm. Keep it cool in hot yoga, brighten your daily routine, or lounge in dreamy skies with the essential blue of the season.

As seen above: Airbrush Cinch Bra + Airbrush High Waist Cinch Flare Legging

@blancapadilla wearing a Seamless Delight High Neck Bra with a pair of High Waist Airbrush Leggings both in Pink Sugar while posing on a rooftop.


The ultimate sweet treat you’ve been craving. Pink Sugar is flirty and fun yet neutral enough to to accompany you (and your springtime fling) to the local botanical gardens for a mid-morning weekend date. Whether you dress it up or down is your own prerogative, just know that this sweet-like-honey hue is destined to sweeten up your spring styles.

As seen above: Seamless Delight High Neck Bra + High Waist Airbrush Leggings

@natalie_roser wearing a Ribbed Cinch Cropped Long Sleeve and Airbrush High Waist Biker Shorts both in Pink Fuchsia with a pair of Throwback Socks in Pink Sugar and Pink Fuchsia while posing on an outdoor staircase.


All the rage this season? Compound colors. Which is why we dropped two sweet pinks that compliment each other like whipped cream and a cherry on top — and you can trust us with style advice, we just spent last month bumping elbows with world-class designers at New York Fashion Week as the official Wellness Partner, no biggie. Pink Fuchsia symbolizes the fearless energy we’re taking into Spring 2022 and while we highly recommended double dipping, we also love a Pink Fuchsia x Pink Sugar moment.

As seen above: Ribbed Cinch Cropped Long Sleeve + High Waist Biker Short

A woman wearing a Ribbed Destination Bra and a pair of Ribbed High Wait 7/8 Blissful Legging both in Green Emerald while posing on a concrete staircase that leads to a pull.


What. A. Gem. This jewel-inspired color dazzles in the studio, on the street, and just about anywhere else your springtime plans should take you. Whether you’re a Cancer or a Sagittarius, Green Emerald does not discriminate on delivering a radiant color that wows on any wearer. Consider it your little treasure for the season.

As seen above: Ribbed Destination Bra + Ribbed High Waist 7/8 Blissful Legging

@lilymaymac wearing an Icon High Cut Thong and Icon Cami Bra in Peachy Glow with a Ribbed Cropped Whisper Cardigan in White while posing on a couch in front of a white brick wall.


Ready for a glow up? Meet Peachy Glow — a fan-fave color that bridges the gap between pastel and neon with a wear-anywhere tone. This juicy new hue adds just enough lift to create some pop in your everyday looks while still serving up a neutrality we appreciate year-round. Personally, we’re obsessed with these undergarments that are definitely not going to be kept under garments (show then off with a pair of Accolades and a cropped cardigan and call it a day).

As seen above : Icon High Cut Thong + Icon Cami Bra

These punchy spring colors are going to be the ultimate hype squad as you live out the rejuvenation and rebirth you’ve been manifesting through winter. Be sure to check out the entire spring collection and tag us in all of your vibrant spring-inspired looks!