Alo’s Essential Oils and Aura Diffuser displayed upon natural rock against a tan wall.

Just Launched: Alo Essential Oils & Aura Diffuser

Tap into scent as a powerful tool for wellness

Wellness is a huge part of our lives at Alo.

Our days are filled with forward folds, deep breaths, and mindful movement.

We live for manifesting. For gratitude journals. For morning routines. For new studios filled with happy people and the smell of inspiring aromas inviting our mind and body to prepare for the physical and mental shift that awaits us.

Scent is powerful. Yet it’s so often overlooked among a long list of wellness practices. Why? Maybe because we’re unsure how to use them. Maybe because we’ve never experienced their transformative power. Maybe because we’re skeptical of where these little bottles of oil came from and how much good they can really do within our lives.

Friends, get excited: Alo’s new line of therapeutic grade essential oils, sourced from heritage plants around the world are about to breathe new energy into your self-care practice. The best part? It requires 3 simple steps: inhale, exhale, repeat.

Because your presence on this Earth proves you are capable of those 3 things, we invite you to transform your mindset, elevate your self-care routine, and experience wellness with a scent-ual, spiritual wellness practice.

A map of the world that showcases where each main ingredient of the Alo essential oil line was harvested from.



If you’re familiar with the Alo Glow System or our eco-conscious, sweatshop-free clothing, you know we’re 100% committed to creating products that are socially, environmentally, and geopolitically responsible. This is why we procured premium-quality oils that are conflict-free and come from conscientiously cultivated lands that do not degrade natural resources or deplete biodiversity. Not all sources of the raw ingredients are created equal — we are careful to partner with suppliers that align with our labor and environmental principles and use only sustainably farmed or wildcrafted ingredients.


“Extraction what?” We know, we were new to this too, until we met with the masters of all things essential-oil-wellness who taught us just how crucial this portion of the process is. Our heritage ingredients are minimally processed and heated to preserve their power and purity, and state-of-the-art distillation techniques mean your oils are never compromised with artificial additives. We’re big on keeping all of that wellness-inducing goodness intact.

Alo’s Essential Oils 6-pack displayed on a tan, natural rock setting with fresh lavender, eucalyptus, and flowers decorating the space.



Lavender from Bulgaria

The unique terroir of Bulgaria provides ideal conditions for growth of the world’s finest, non-GMO heritage lavender. A prized smell (as proven by bounties of cleansers, detergents, and body washes boasting an artificial version of this scent), our therapeutic-grade lavender oil catalyzes harmony, balance, and peace — a perfect ritual for after work or throughout the weekend.


Peppermint from India

Sweet, green, revitalizing peppermint grows naturally throughout the subcontinent of India — and you’ll be amazed at the distinct difference between our unadulterated essential oil and the scent found in a pack of gum. The ultra-fresh and cooling aroma powerfully re-energizes for a pick-me-up or post-workout cool down.


Tea Tree from Australia

This ancient shrub grows abundantly along Australia’s southern and eastern coasts and is revered by traditional healers for its potential health-promoting, antibacterial properties. It’s sharp, fresh scent purifies, resets, and renews for an all-purpose aroma that doubles as a natural perfume, a laundry game-changer, and a bath and shower elevator.


Eucalyptus from China

Native to the Yunnan region of China, our inspiring, non-GMO eucalyptus lends a distinctive, green, woody scent that helps open the airways for breathwork and elevate the mind. For mornings of brain fog or afternoons where you’re reaching for another cup of coffee, this essential oil restores the mind and enervates the body (without added caffeine).



Neroli from Egypt + Ylang Ylang from Madagascar + Roman Chamomile from China + Petitgrain from Paraguay + Lavender from Bulgaria + Sweet Orange from Brazil

This intoxicating blend of fresh, herbal notes put heart and mind at ease. The lucky few who experienced a sneak preview of these oils first-hand at our first Alo House were left feeling endlessly impressed by this targeted blend's ability to immediately induce a sense of tranquility, calmness, and relaxation. Needless to say, this essential oil has been integrated into their nighttime routine, and they’ve been showing up to the office looking like they just got back from vacay.


Ravintsara from Madagascar + Laurel Leaf from Turkey + Peppermint from India + Eucalyptus from China + Tea Tree from Australia

Think post-spa bliss with one deep inhale. This uplifting and balancing blend delivers a heart-opening rejuvenation to be used anytime you’re needing to invite calming vibes into your day. Floral notes of ravintsara paired with eucalyptus and tea tree encourage healing breath while fresh peppermint and laurel leaf energize and inspire.

Alo’s Aura Diffuser pictured against a white backdrop.


Or otherwise known as the “humidiffuser,” this sleek, state-of-the-art device blends together the luxe-hydration of a humidifier and the scent-magnification of a diffuser. This little cutie simultaneously scents and humidifies your largest rooms up to 700 square feet for up to 22 hours — say hello to blissful days working from home and house parties where you’ll hear “why don’t my candles create this experience?” a thousand times.

It’s quiet, unassuming, and powerful, and let’s be real, we love some double duty action. The Aura Diffuser contains an antimicrobial water tank as well as a timer option so you can fall and stay asleep without worrying about leaving something plugged in.

This modern device is the secret to transforming your space, mind, body, and spirit.

For more inspiration on how to incorporate the power of scent into your wellness routine, follow along with us on @AloWellness_ as we inspire, get inspired, and relish in all the wellness scent has to offer.