How to Take It From Studio to Street

How to Take It From Studio to Street

Here's why we're so obsessed with the phrase (it's about more than just leggings!)

There's something that happens when you start settling into a yoga routine—something beyond just physical growth. Clarity, calm, awareness, inner peace—these qualities show up in spades in practice, but they also pour into other parts of life. It's this seamlessness between the work we do on the mat and the ways it manifests everywhere else that keeps us coming back to yoga. This is the real meaning of studio-to-street—it's the reason we're building sanctuaries with yoga studios, organic cafés and community hubs, setting the highest factory standards (we're 100% sweatshop free!), spreading good through our nonprofit Alo Gives and staying mindful and conscious in so many other ways. It's why we're so passionate about what we do!

Fierce Pullover, Ambience Short

In the same way that the lessons learned in practice carry over into everyday life, the clothes we make for yoga wear perfectly outside of the studio. That's the other meaning of studio-to-street: Alo gear is engineered for studio moves, with game-changing performance features like 4-way stretch and sweat-wicking technology, but it's also super-forward, so you can wear it on-the-go athleisure-style with a cool pair of slides or sneakers (versatility for the win!).

Want to take full advantage of studio-to-street? Om with us at Alo Thrive, our 2-day yoga and wellness experience at the Grove, learn some new breathing techniques for relaxation and energy and shop our newest go-tos, below!

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